Stop Having Sex In the F*cking Dark w/ Tara Schuster

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“Low self-worth makes authentic sex impossible.” So says bestselling author Tara Schuster, who broke out with her runaway bestseller Buy Yourself The F*cking Lilies and released the life-affirming page-turner Glow In The F*cking Dark this year. On this episode, Tara opens up about hating her body, having sex exclusively in the dark, and how she rewired her brain to love herself (and her body). Tara and I also take your listener questions, where we discuss dating burnout, sexual triggers, and solo sex as self-care. When you’ve just gotten out of a toxic relationship, how can you feel more confident when you go out in public? When dating is one long string of disappointments, what gives? And finally, how do you have exploratory sex when you don’t have a partner?

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