4 Reasons to Watch Emily’s Masterclass on Sex and Communication

two women cuddling while using computer

MasterClass has added a new subject to its class roster: Sex and Communication. And yep, it’s taught by our very own, Emily Morse.

This isn’t your typical sex-ed class (nor is it your typical MasterClass). Here are five reasons why you should consider the Emily Morse MasterClass:

It beats high school sex-ed.

Let’s be real, the sex-ed we had in our primary education… was lacking to say the least. Not only does Emily’s MasterClass tackle the subject of sex in a straightforward and comprehensible way, but it also doesn’t carry the shame that some schooling associates with sex. A lot of what we are taught revolves around the dangers of sex rather than treating it as a part of the human experience and life. There’s no judgment in the Emily Morse MasterClass; only open communication and acceptance. (And no graphic birth videos, we promise.)

There are tips for everything and everyone (and every body).

Sometimes we look for sex tips when we’re in relationships because it seems like the time to do it. However, the best time to get open about sex is whenever. Whether you’re single or you have a partner, it’s important to understand how things work and how to talk about them, not just anatomy–although it helps to have a map of things, and Emily has those, too. The Emily Morse MasterClass is not exclusive to heteronormative couples or just men and women; this course is open to people of all gender identities and relationship styles. Vulva AND penis owners can get a lot out of this course.

Communication is a lubrication.

Talking about sex isn’t the most comfortable subject for most people. We’ve all been in a sex education class full of other clueless people who are either too afraid to ask questions or are just unaware of what we don’t know. Emily doesn’t just cover the technicality of how sex works, but also how to talk about sex with people. How can you improve your pleasure or your partner’s if you don’t know how to talk about it? Most of us don’t prioritize our own pleasure during sex or even self-pleasure because we don’t know how to put it into concrete words or know how to do so.

This course helps you understand how to prioritize your own pleasure to find what works for you and your body. Once you understand how to work on your own pleasure, it eases the path to finding pleasure with your own partner. And having the tools to communicate about sex will help your partner open up about their experiences and desires, too. It’s a win-win for everyone.

It will inspire you to try new things.

Many of us are afraid that what we crave during sex or in our fantasies is super taboo. Or we don’t even know what can truly turn us on for better sex. There’s a lot of limited information out there about sex, and sometimes pornography doesn’t really help with understanding or having realistic sex. Throughout Emily’s MasterClass, there is genuine information and understanding of the multifaceted nature of sex and desire, and the wide array of preferences, kinks and fetishes.

Oftentimes, what we crave in our sex lives or what will definitely improve them is integrating variety and fun. Spontaneity doesn’t have to be too crazy or out of this world to make sex better, and Emily covers different ways to change up your sex routine and how to discuss this with a partner. There’s a whole chapter on these fun ideas to enhance your sex life. 

Emily provides a holistic approach to sex.

From what we see in movies or in sex ed, sex seems like a fixed thing that is the same for everyone–there is a start and a finish, the end. But there’s a lot more to sex than what we are taught or think there is. This course offers a well-rounded perspective on all the important parts of sex and pleasure, from the simple act of breathing to knowing how to touch. We often think that our sexual potential is at the level that we are currently at, but the Emily Morse MasterClass will help you understand that your sexuality and intimate life are ever-changing and even bound to improve with time. With this course, you’ll understand how sex isn’t a stagnant or standard thing, but a beautiful and evolving part of human life.

Class chapters:

  • Meet your instructor
  • Asking for what you want
  • Take control of your orgasm
  • The power of mindful masturbation
  • Keeping desire alive
  • Practicing consent and safer sex
  • Fun ideas to enhance your sex life

This MasterClass could literally change your life. After all, sex and wellness is at the cornerstone of our very existence. By making the investment to learn about sexual pleasure and communication, you set yourself up with some of the most valuable (yet underrated) life skills.