7 Halloween Costume Ideas (That You Can Wear For Sexy Times Year-Round)

A young woman in her twenties, dressed up for halloween as a vampire

Let’s get one thing straight. No matter your thoughts on roleplay for sex, we all roleplay for Halloween. It’s the one U.S. holiday where kink is almost socially sanctioned – “kink” in this context means playing, imagination, and a transgression-tinged break from reality. Oh, and sexy pirates of course. 

Here are seven costume ideas and dress-up accessories you can proudly wear to your next Halloween party, and keep wearing when it’s time for sex because roleplay doesn’t have to come just once a year, after all. 

1. Bad Kitty

The catsuit is a classic for a reason: body-con, pleathered, abundant zippers. It doesn’t get much kinkier than this, folks.

But the catsuit is also a plausible Halloween costume. Just add ears and tail: you’re a black feline! Ooh, so spooky. Hope you don’t give me cat scratch fever. (Read: I absolutely want you to give me cat scratch fever.) 

2. All-Purpose Handcuffs

Looks like the law just arrived. But instead of cuffing ‘em to a jail cell, you cuff your partners to the bedpost…because they’ve been bad, haven’t they?

A go-to kink prop, handcuffs are the finishing touch on your sexy cop costume. Extra credit if your cop inspo is Reno 911. Extra extra credit if you add new boots to your ensemble, for new boot goofin.’ 

3. Dominatrix Witch

She’s a witch, but that’s no wand in her hand. It’s a flogger

Witches are the OG’s of subversive sexuality, to the scorn of churches everywhere. But let’s make her sexual powers more overt this year: she’ll work her magik in bed, using her flogger to deliver just the right amount of pain…and pleasure, too. (#goodwitch)

4. Wanton Cowboy

Did you know that cowboylesque shows are all the rage right now? Think Magic Mike, Ranchhand Edition. And you too can become a sexy cowboy, rip-off chaps and all.  

Jokes aside, it makes me so happy that the sexy-everything Halloween costume genre is getting more masc and inclusive. Femme people have been carrying this torch – alone – for too long. Let’s level the playing field! Masculine folx: show some skin. It’s YOUR time to shine, boys.  

5. Naughty Schoolgirl

We couldn’t do a sexy Halloween costume list without this icon, could we? Especially if you’re into DDLG play

As a sexy schoolgirl, you’ve got lots of pop cultural references: Britney Spears, Mean Girls, Clueless, etc. etc. For additional inspo, check this sexy schoolgirl article: we break down The Innocent archetype, and how to work it for A+ kinkiness. 

6. Swashbuckling Pirate

Real question, why are pirates hot? The ripped up clothes? The devil-may-care attitude? The hook, which conveniently doubles as sensation play prop? 

When you dress up as a pirate, you get to flex boho vibes (messy hair, billowing blouse) while still being silly and fun, because hopefully you’re talking like a pirate. Up to you how long you want to keep that going. 

7. Non-binary Elvis

This costume idea is decidedly more 2022 in nature, because the movie was way sexy. And despite constantly being hailed as the KING of rock n’ roll, I think Elvis the performer was more gender fluid than many of us appreciate. 


Because it wasn’t just his rhinestones: he gave men permission to dance. To move their hips. To wear bubblegum pink, deep V suits in an era of Leave It to Beaver conformity. What I’m saying is, Elvis walked so Harry Styles could run and culture has never been the same. Also: suits have pockets, which you can carry useful things inside of, like lube. Or Halloween candy! You do you.  


Now get out there and enjoy adult dress-up, because remember… the take-off is pretty nice, too. 



Tolly Moseley is a writer based in Austin, Texas. Her stories on mental health, sex, and relationships have appeared in The Atlantic, Salon, Sex With Emily, and on-stage with Bedpost Confessions. 


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