Best Of: Are You Benefitting from Your Friends With Benefits?

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([TW: SA] If you would like to skip these portions of the episode, please skip through: 21:25-22:00) Let’s talk friends with benefits. Somewhere between a relationship and a situationship, you’ve got FWBs… And in my view, they’re a completely valid relationship model. But let’s be honest: they’re not for everyone. Navigating the friendship part of an FWB can get murky, especially if you’re secretly hoping it will turn into a real relationship. So in this popular best-of episode, I first help you get clear on whether or not you’re a good candidate for an FWB set-up. Next, we talk about how to establish your terms going in, because trust me – before you have sex with your friends, your communication skills have to be on-point. Finally I answer all your FWB questions, including: when you’ve had the same FWB for years but crave more with them, should you speak up? Or move on to someone more committed?

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