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So, Where’s the Porn for Women?

Looking for porn that resonates with your desires? We’ve got ideas.

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What is Voyeurism, and Why Is It So Sexy?

Voyeurism is the hottest kink you didn’t know you had.

Relationships & Dating

Tell Me About the Last Time You Had Sex w/ Ian Kerner

The author of She Comes First joins me to talk about his new book and why fantasies are so important for your relationship.

Ask Emily

Ask Emily: How Do I Make Nipple Play More Fun?

Nipple play is great because it A) can appeal to all genders, and B) is easily implemented into any of your regularly scheduled sex activities.

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What’s a Sex Swing (And How Do I Use One?)

You don’t need to be a porn star to try a sex swing.

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No Shame in Your Fantasy Game

What’s your biggest fantasy? I discuss the psychology behind your fantasies, how to bring them up with a partner and why having a rich fantasy life is important for your sexual health.

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First Date, First Orgasm, First Threesome

How to navigate performing oral sex, getting on a dating app, or trying anal play if it’s your first time.

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Yes, No, Maybe: Find New Ways to Play

The list every couple needs. Use our Yes, No, Maybe List to help you express your needs, boundaries, curiosities, and desires.

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Sex Goals For The Win

I share my own sex and dating goals for the year and help you plan your own with the help of our Pleasure Planner.

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Talk Dirty To Me w/ Joanna Angel

Dirty talk makes everything hotter. Learn how to amp up your “sex talk” in this podcast episode with porn star Joanna Angel.

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Best Of: All Aboard The Booty Train

It’s time for a crash course in butt stuff. Learn how to make it easier in this all-about-anal podcast.