How to Kink It Up

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It happens to the best of us: We get caught in a sexual rut and can’t seem to wriggle ourselves free to a more exciting sex life. This show is all about embracing the kinkier side of sex, and opening your mind up to new realms of sexual adventure!

Emily is joined by Rhune Kincaid and Lindsay Floyd, fellow members of the Loveline family, and the hilarious minds behind the Pretty Oddcast – a fresh new Podcast that takes a look into alternate lifestyles & fringe sub-cultures.

So what IS kinky sex? Kink means anything outside of your usual sex box, that pushes your sexual limits, and breaks you out of your regular routine. And guess what, guys? It doesn’t have to be scary!

Emily gives us a crash course in Kink 101 (note: you don’t need a sex dungeon to have some kinky fun.) She shares some beginners’ tips for mixing things up in the bedroom, including:

  • Ways to give a really good spanking
  • The trick to kinking up an old-fashioned massage
  • The best sex toys for couples to share
  • Why women love playing : dress up
  • How to get down with dirty talk

The gang starts off with a discussion on Cosplay and LARPing, also known in the community as Live Action Role Play! So is it, like, the new Pictionary? Lindsey and Rhune explain the deal behind the role-play life, and Lindsay tells us about her afternoon as “Red Renee”, the wolf-girl merchant in a backyard fantasy world.

Then they move on to more kinky stuff! Rhune and Lindsay share tales from their latest ODDventure: a foray into the risque underbelly of LA BDSM scene. They share some of their favorite moments from Threshold, an underground non-profit BDSM club.

Emily & the Pretty OddKids also talk about the new cuddle app and it’s “To Catch A Predator” potential. Is the world really ready for some carefree cuddling? Or is this app doomed for a Dateline end?

Everyone’s got a little kink in them, or the desire to update their sexual bag of tricks – all you need is a sense of adventure. This podcast will help you get in touch with your inner “odd” and explore sex from an alternative point of view!

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