Initiating Sex is a Skill Not a Habit

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In this Episode Emily kicks off Sexual Liberation Month. She sets the tone with provocative questions to get you thinking about your sexual freedom, confidence and what’s holding you back. Emily is here to help you live the life you want because what else are you doing right now except staying home and having sex? No partner required!

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Initiating sex can be overwhelming, especially if you’re quarantined with your partner. Emily gives tips on what to say when you want to get things going and even how to tell your lover you’re not in the mood.

She also asks us to examine what our hang-ups are when it comes to our own sexual liberation. Are you too caught up in your head about how you look? Ashamed of your “O” face? Do you get aroused too quickly and need to slow down? No matter what your situation, Emily’s got you covered so you can open up and communicate better with yourself and your partner.

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