New Year, Better Sex

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IMG_7182It’s Emily’s first podcast of 2015, and her New Year’s resolution is all about you. She pledges that all her listeners will not only learn how to have better sex and better relationships this year, but they’ll actually do it. The Sex With Emily podcast is taking you to the next level.

Today, Emily and Menace answer your questions on love and sex that you sent to! Topics include trying out sex toys with a significant other, balancing a sex life and busy schedules, dating someone with a crazy family and jealousy after infidelity.

A few episodes back, Emily and Menace provided a sample script to help women talk about sex toys with their male partner. In this show, Emily helps a male listener with the same question and recommends a few sex toys to get him started. She and Menace share the secrets for making a relationship work, and stress the importance of compromise in intimate relationships.

The new year is not just a time for resolutions, but also reflection. How will you make this year better than the last? Emily explains why you should address issues as they pop up, and teaches you how to communicate your way to be better sex and relationships. All this and more in the latest podcast!

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