No Ifs, Ands or Butt Plugs

Easing into butt plugs is the best way to discover anal pleasure.

Like a lot of women, I didn’t have the most pleasurable introduction to anal play. I was pressured, unprepared, and as a result, found myself in a fair amount of pain. My experience left me figuratively scarred and utterly apprehensive to re-approach any sexual rear-entry. But as I’ve grown sexually and personally, one of my ongoing goals has been opening doors that I had hastily deemed permanently closed. For me, an upstanding symbol of this sexual renaissance is the glorious butt plug.

I truly never thought that butt plugs would be a part of my bedroom repertoire. Given my negative experiences and general disinterest, it seemed far too removed from my comfort zone. Eventually, though, exploration and curiosity trumped fear and trepidation; thus, my venture into the realm of rectal insertables officially commenced.

Fortunately when it comes to butt plugs, there are so many wonderful options to select from, such a variation of sizes, styles, features and frills. The possibilities that have unfolded before me are only limited by my lamentable lack of a prostate gland.

The anal plug that shattered my negative outlook on butt play was the G-plug by Fun Toys. This adorable little plug is honestly one of the cutest sex toys I’ve ever seen. It took all the fear that I had surrounding anal and displaced it with warm, fuzzy eagerness. It didn’t look painful or intimidating and it wasn’t. In fact it felt good—good in ways that I hadn’t thought of or expected.

The Booty-Full Benefits

Having the G-plug in made penetrative sex feel better than it ever had before. For me, the clitoris has always been my one and only pleasure center in the bedroom. I have yet to find success with G-spot orgasms and penetration was never a high point for me in my sexual endeavors. But with a butt plug in, it’s as if all of my anatomy shifted upward, thereby making the presence of a penis more apparent and closer to my G-Spot. I could feel every thrust more actively, and it left me wanting more. It was as if the skies opened up and revealed to me everything that sex could be.

Having a butt plug in now makes every orgasm better. Activating the goldmine of nerve endings in the rear amplifies every sensation so much more.

A Plethora of Plugs

Since I’ve accepted butt plugs as a part of my life, I’ve discovered that they’re one of the most versatile variety of toys out there. After a short Google venture, I uncovered a venerable treasure trove of plugs.

There are, of course, things that all butt plugs share in common, like the cone shaped tip and the flared base; beyond these important qualities, it seems that no two butt plugs are alike. They vary in size, shape, color, material, functionality, and novelty. Some are made of silicone, some of glass—there are even gold-plated and diamond crusted ones for those with a taste for luxury in the bedroom. In terms of functionality, I found that they can be weighted, some vibrate and some transfer electronic pulses through your body. My personal favorites are the pet tail plugs. Not only do you get all the sexual benefits of a butt plug, but you also get to have an adorable little bunny tail!

The Tail End of It

All in all, if my foray into anal play has taught me anything, it’s to keep all your doors open. Don’t shut your butt off to the world of pleasure that waits just beyond your backdoor gates. Sex only gets better with expansion, and depreciates from limitation. So I welcome you all to put your fears around anal aside, pick a plug and put it in your butt.