Sex Positions Made Easy

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Sex is play, but certain sex positions feel more like work, right? Whether it’s reverse cowgirl or 69, you might feel a bit awkward…you don’t exactly know what you’re doing…you’re trying not to throw your back out. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep doing the same, safe positions over and over again!

That’s why today’s show is all about helping you experiment, and making the most challenging positions feel smooth and easy — no physics degree required. Learn how to make reverse cowgirl less confusing and more sexy, how to execute the Kivin Method on a vulva owner, how to 69 without feeling like you’re multitasking, and how to have steamy, sexy shower sex without breaking anything. Plus: we reveal the most-searched sex positions by U.S. state! Pennsylvanians love their oral, and those Texans are pretty dexterous, y’all.

Show Notes:
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