The “Bottom” Line On Anal w/ Dr. Evan Goldstein

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Anal sex isn’t as taboo as it once was but many people are still too shy to explore it. Today, I’m talking with nationally renowned anal surgeon and expert Dr. Evan Goldstein, about all things anal. From how to clean up before backdoor play (did you know you can be too clean?), to tips to enhance pleasure and the wide variety of things to try while you’re back there, we’ve got you covered.
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I also discuss how to address mismatched libidos in a relationship, tips Dr. Evan gives tips on how to relax, toys that can help, and which lubes are best for every act imaginable. We also break down lube shooters, how to minimize the risk of exposing yourself to STIs and what to consider whether you’re a top or a bottom. for getting ready for anal play, how feeling pressure to initiate and perform can affect the quality of your sex life, and the best ways to approach potential partners.

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