5 Sexy Positions to Try This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, friends. And whether you’re a romantic or a cynic, may I make a suggestion?

Make this holiday your personal excuse to learn fresh sex skills.

In truth: every day is a great day to test-drive new sex moves. But I’ve compiled a list of positions I think everyone should try, including at least one or two you probably haven’t attempted before.  

You didn’t think I’d send you into sex without supplies, right?

Remember to place the following on your nightstand: 

  • A delay spray if you’re a penis owner and want to last long (Promescent makes the best, IMO) – this pocket-sized secret weapon is the only science-backed, clinically proven Delay Spray to help men last longer in bed… or in the shower, on the kitchen table, hell even on the washing machine – do you boo. 
  • An arousal gel if you’re a vulva owner and want more blood flow for genital sensitivity and orgasms (Promescent also makes a fantastic warming version of this).
  • A high-quality lube (Playground is my personal go-to; Mini Escape is my personal fave. Think creamy coconut and seductive sandalwood essence – AKA vacation in a bottle. 

Remember vibrations feel amazing on everyone, and for vulva owners especially (the vast majority of whom don’t orgasm from penetration alone), toys are often a must. I’m all for using a small-but-mighty bullet for clitoral stimulation during partnered sex. Je Joue makes high-end bullets that you can also use on nipples and thighs. Experiment with different sensations and enjoy the deep rumbly motors for partnered play. Amour is great for tickling and teasing, Duet has different surfaces so it’s great for exploring and Vita has a wand tip which gives orgasmic pinpoint pleasure. Just remember, bullet vibes = all about hitting that target. 

Onto the positions

You’re prepped, you’re set, you’re ready to play. Now pick a position or two off this menu to try:

1. The Lotus

Get into position:

  • Giving partner sits cross-legged
  • Receiving partner sits in their lap, facing them
  • Use hips, core, thighs to thrust


  • Deep penetration
  • Lots of kisses 
  • Abundant eye contact 
  • Anal-friendly position 
  • Bragging rights: you just had Tantric sex!

2. Standing in the Shower

Get into position:

  • Receiving partner braces themselves against the wall (carefully – it’s slick)
  • Giving partner can enter facing their partner, or from behind (I recommend behind)
  • Giving partner thrusts, receiving partner uses thighs and core to hold stability


  • Easy clean-up
  • Urgent movie sex vibes
  • Great option when you’re in a full house and need noise for a lil privacy

3. Cowgirl/Cowboy

Get into position:

  • Giving partner lays down on bed or comfortable surface
  • Receiving partner sits on top, facing their partner, straddling
  • Receiving partner thrusts, sets thrusting rhythm


  • Anal-friendly position
  • Deep penetration
  • Hands free for breast/chest touch
  • More pronounced power roles: almost like missionary, with a subtle BDSM twist

4. Doggy Style

Get into position:

  • Receiving partner braces themselves on bed or comfortable surface, on all fours
  • Giving partner kneels and enters from behind
  • Giving partner is almost entirely in charge of thrusts, sets thrusting rhythm


  • Orgasm face = private
  • Like Cowgirl/Cowboy, Doggy Style touches on power dynamics
  • Anal-friendly position 
  • Satisfying: with the receiving partner braced for impact, thrusts can be powerful and more intense

5.  Kivin Method

Get into position:

  • Receiving partner (vulva owner) lays down, face up, legs slightly spread
  • Giving partner lays down perpendicular to their partner, mouth positioned for vulva contact
  • Giving partner will spread labia for more tongue access to clitoris, licking side-to-side rather than up-and-down (click the link above for more detailed instructions)


  • It’s oral! Say less. 
  • Exciting clitoral stimulation
  • Restful / comfortable for both parties

Keep Valentine’s Day Sexiness Going…Every Damn Day

Why not take the sexual intentionality you’re creating on February 14, and stretch it out all calendar year? Talk to me on Instagram, at @sexwithemily.

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