Sexually Confident Woman

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Sexually Confident Women Are you a sexually confident woman… or man? If you aren’t instantly seducing men and women with your piercing eyes and sly smile, this podcast is for you! I’m going to transform you into a Sex God(dess).

First, I give advice to a woman who wants to try S&M (Sadomasochism). I’ll teach you how to be the dominant or submissive, and how to talk to your partner about trying S&M. The next time you have tea and crumpets with your partner, I want you to look them in the eye and say, “bend me over the table and F*@% me.” Or you can take a more subtle approach, explained in the podcast. You’ll be tied up and spanked in no time! 

Next, I’ll share how guys can keep an erection! Hint. It involves putting a ring on it. Make no mistake, marriage will not solve your sex problems, but a vibrating ring just might!

The show ends with ten ways women can be more sexually confident. Here’s a few tips, ladies:

1. You should dance naked in front of the mirror a lot. Learn to love your body.

2. If he didn’t want to see you naked, he wouldn’t try and take your clothes off. He’s having sex with you because he thinks you’re attractive. Own it.

3. The more pleasure you experience during sex, the better you will be at sex. True confidence comes from focusing on your own sexual experience, and not just making sure he’s satisfied.

4. Give him directions! Someone has to teach these guys what’s what. If it doesn’t work out between the two of you, you’ll be doing the next woman he dates a favor.

5. Don’t fake orgasms. A truly confident woman will genuinely express her pleasure. Make him keep trying until he gives you a real orgasm.

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