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Ask Emily

Ask Emily: I Can’t Always Get Hard For Sex, Help

A solution to get harder faster and stronger.

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Elevated Masturbation: Try a Stroker

2 low-lift ways you can make your masturbation more exciting.

Anal Play

Hotline Calls: My Partner’s Into Bad Boys & I’m the “Nice Guy”

The Sex With Emily Hotline is open, and we’re talking disappearing erections, prostate massages, and so much more.

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Health & Wellness

Is My Penis Normal?

The 4 most common characteristics penis owners ask about, along with the numbers.

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Ask Emily: What is a Penis Ring and Why Should I Use It?

The single tool that can make all the difference.


Penis Problems? Not Anymore

From erection issues to sex-related injuries, we’re normalizing penis problems and providing tools to help mend your member.


Orgasm Blockers & Sex Myth Stoppers

On today’s show, Emily is breaking down sex myths to set the record straight – and… Read more »