Hotline Calls: My Partner’s Into Bad Boys & I’m the “Nice Guy”

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The Sex With Emily Hotline is open! On this episode, I’m joined by my Producer, Erica, as we talk about disappearing erections, prostate massages, and so much more. First, what do you do when your partner has health issues that cause them to lose their erections? I give one caller ideas for how to work around this issue and thoughts on what might be causing it in the first place. Next, why don’t couples fantasize together more often? A couple calls in to share their sexual fantasies, and we give you inspo on how to do the same with your partner. When your partner wants a prostate massage, how do you pull it off? I tell you what to feel for, how to apply pressure and fun toys you can use. Finally, when your partner has never had an orgasm before, how can you help? And should you?

Have a question? Call my Hotline 559-TALK-SEX (559-825-5739) or message me at

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