The 7 Secrets of Making Out

closeup shot of mouth with tongue licking top lip

Everyone loves an amazing kisser. But making out? That’s choreography, my friend.

Because here’s the deal. Like a kiss, making out involves your mouth. But it also involves hands, or necks, or ears, or…use your imagination. It can be a standalone act, or a prelude to more.

I love making out, because it suggests an “I want you” energy that’s hot for all parties involved. So here are seven ways to make your next makeout even more erotic and oh-so-memorable. 

1. Prep wisely

Nothing, but nothing kills the mood like bad breath. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before you begin: regular oral hygiene is key here (AKA daily flossing and brushing) and for the main event, you can take a quick rinse of mouthwash, or buy one you can use in the AM that’ll last all day. I’m loving SmartMouth at the moment, a mouthwash whose effects last for 24 hours (for real) with just 2 rinses a day. SmartMouth uses a zinc ion activation technology to eliminate & prevent sulfur in your mouth: the demon source of bad breath. Pre-makeout breath anxiety? Byyyee.

2. Make sure everyone’s game

By which I mean, consent. Hopefully if you’re at the makeout stage, consent has already been established, but if there’s any question at all, a little “may I?” before kissing never hurts. (And is honestly kind of hot.) 

3. Start soft

A great makeout has a narrative arc to it: from gentle and teasing, to progressively more intense. If you come on too strong, there’s nothing to look forward to; if you stay soft the entire time, things start to feel real PG. So as you begin, keep the kisses lighter, the tongue sparingly, and build that tension.

4. Mix up the kisses

Time to experiment. Move your kisses from their mouth, to their neck (a bonafide erogenous zone), even – if the moment’s right – a nibble on the earlobe. You’re creating intrigue, all the while paying attention to their body language and listening for the telltale sounds of pleasure: heavier breathing, light moaning, or whatever else says, “damn…I’m into this.”  

5. Dom a little 

An excellent makeout sesh has an urgency to it that requires a) ongoing consent and b) your ability to take the reins, and pass those reins back and forth as you attune to each other’s energy. So try being in charge: see what happens when you pin their wrists down. Or hold their face in your hands. Or use your tongue in a more major way, or nibble their lips. Get inventive! What’s most important is you translating your authentic desire into moves that bring both of you pleasure.

6. Make eye contact

No, I’m not advising you to stare into each other’s eyes the entire time you’re making out. (Eeep.) But do look for moments where you can lock eyes and give them a little smile. Instant melt. 

7. Top things off with dirty talk

If there’s one thing that adds a jolt of electricity to your makeout, it’s a well-timed “that feels good.” Or even a simple “yeah.” No need to go bananas with the dirty talk, just enough to feel like you’re sharing a secret. Here are some quick tips on dirty talk to develop a voice that feels like yours (and not like contrived old-school porn). 

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