The Best Sex Toys According to Your Zodiac Sign

Sex toys in a circular chart with their astrological sign

So you’re in the market for a sex toy.

With countless options at your fingertips, here’s my general advice: start simple. Work up to the bells and whistles. Ultimately, your pleasure (and orgasms) will be determined by you spending time with your own body, understanding how you like to be touched and stimulated.

But on that point – how you like to be stimulated – you could always consult the stars. Where my Geminis at?

“Our Sun sign describes our essence, our deepest energies and their expression in the world,” writes psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed in her book, Use Your Planets Wisely. “The Sun sign is our most central self and the source of our most fundamental drives and expressions.” 

When someone ID’s their Zodiac sign – “I’m a Leo” or “I’m a Cancer” – they’re usually talking about their Sun sign. As a culture, we’re all more hip to astrology these days; your Sun sign is just one piece of the puzzle that makes up your personality and desires. But as Freed says, you can still use your Sun sign for guidance. “It’s sign reflects the primary ways we identify ourselves,” she says. 

So let’s take a look at your Sun sign, your Sun qualities, and the sex toy that best speaks to those qualities. 


The first sign of the zodiac, you’re bold, ambitious, and pioneering, dear Aries. Ruled by Mars, planet of aggression and sex, you’ve probably got a strong sex drive – and need a sex toy to match.

Look for: A straight-to-the-point toy that doesn’t distract you with a zillion options. You want power, you want an orgasm, and you want it right now. 

Try: The Magic Wand Original. Plug in, turn on, blast into outer space. As the Mack Truck of sex toys, this toy’s power and simplicity will appeal to your goal-oriented tendencies. 


You love a massage, love a bath, love licking yummy treats off your lover’s body. Ruled by Venus, you’re a sensual one, Taurus. With a keen sense of beauty, you’d settle for nothing less than a sex toy that looks as gorgeous as it feels. 

Look for: a toy that’s more than a toy. You want to display it proudly on your nightstand. 

Try: Le Wand Crystal Wand. Perfect for an earth sign like you, it’s made from rose quartz. Slather it with your most amazing body oil for erotic massage, and your favorite lube for penetration. 


Curious and communicative, you’re exploratory in bed, Gemini. You like variety. You like new ideas. Sex for you is a process of discovery, so you need a toy with options – all the better for an adventurous air sign like you.

Look for: a toy with multiple uses.

Try: LELO Enigma. Of course Geminis (the twins) need a dual stimulator! This one simulates incredible oral on your clitoris, while vibing on your G-spot when you insert. Got a penis? Try LELO’s Loki Wave Prostate Massager. Inserted into the anus, it stimulates your prostate directly, while also giving your perineum (the stretch of skin between testicles and anus) delicious vibes. 


Sensitive and self-protective, your emotional depth requires you establish trust before you go wild in bed. Whether that’s trust in yourself or trust in a partner, you need a toy that allows for a slow build. 

Look for: a toy with a range of power.

Try: Dame Com Wand Massager. It’s got 5 intensity levels, so you can work up the sensation at your pace. But you can also use it for actual massage with a partner, taking turns loving on each other. 


A star is born. You’re the life of the party, a natural performer, a magnet for the spotlight. Ruled by the Sun, your light shines bright – and lowkey, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were an exhibitionist

Look for: a toy you can use in public.

Try: Ohmibod Club Vibe 3.0. A panty vibe that syncs to the beat of the music, this is a Leo’s best friend. Everyone will enjoy your dance moves, while you enjoy a discreet vibrator. Penis owners, I recommend Ohmibod’s Lumen Pleasure Plug, which also features Club Vibe mode. This one isn’t for your underwear though, it’s meant to be seen (in bed, on FaceTime, on your webcam…). No problem for a Leo like you. 


A clean freak in the streets but a freak freak in the sheets, Virgos are super sexual. You want things to work (perfectionist streak), but you’re not afraid to improve and refine your skills. Sex skills included. 

Look for: a reliable vibe you can learn to use like a pro, on your partner or yourself.

Try: The Magic Wand Rechargeable. If it runs out of power, no worries! Just plug it in and keep jamming: it’s one of the few toys out there with a plug-and-play feature. LELO Toy Cleaner for my real Virgo babies. 


You’re a generous lover, making sure everyone gets their needs met in bed. A lover of balance, you’re a little conflict avoidant – dare I say, a people-pleaser? – so you need a toy that gets you out of your head, and into your body.

Look for: a toy that demands your attention. 

Try: b-Vibe Vibrating Heart Jewel Plug. As an additive to your solo sex routine or partner play, this gorgeous little toy just might help you have an anal orgasm. Also, fun fact: on the body, Libra rules the booty.


Intense and complex, you make sex a whole journey, Scorpio. You probably enjoy exploring power dynamics in bed, and if you haven’t dipped a toe in the BDSM waters yet, it’s probably only a matter of time. 

Look for: a toy that allows you to Dom (or be Dommed).

Try: We-Vibe Chorus Wearable Vibrator. Worn inside the vagina (with room for a penis or finger), it comes with a remote control, putting the handler in charge. Do you or your partner have a prostate? We-Vibe also makes a Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager, also with a remote. They’ll come when you say so. 


You’re perpetually on a quest, literally and figuratively. Do you have a passport full of stamps, Sagittarius? A full bookshelf or podcast feed? You want to soak up all the information and adventure you can, and love sex that teaches you something…about yourself, or your partner.

Look for: innovative toys for innovative orgasms.

Try: LELO Dot Clitoral Vibrator, one of the most fascinating sex toys on the market. Its tiny point and elliptical motion allow you to go for longer during solo sex, since it won’t numb out your surrounding nerve endings. If you’ve got a penis, try the Arcwave Ion Premium Air Stroker: it stimulates nerve endings that neither a hand or mouth can reach, for a whole new type of orgasm. 


You’ve got a reputation for practicality, Capricorn. You make success look effortless (even though you’re super hard-working), but in bed, you might crave some caretaking. Let someone else – or something else – be in charge. 

Look for: a hands-free vibe that allows you to kick back and relax. 

Try: Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux. The ideal lazy-day masturbation toy: click it on, enjoy vibes all down the shaft, and you don’t even need to be erect to use it. Got a vulva? Try the Dame Eva: tuck the wings underneath your labia, press the button, and vibe away. 


Idealistic and thoughtful, you want to make the world a better place, Aquarius. You’re open to new ideas, especially those that benefit humanity, and you’ve got a little revolutionary in you. You’re down to explore in bed, especially if it means normalizing sex for all. 

Look for: a sex toy that speaks to your open-mindedness.

Try: b-Vibe Anal Training Kit. Even if you’re brand new to anal play, this kit walks you through it with a variety of sizes and weights – even an illustrated guide! Perfect for you, who always wants to evolve their sexual pleasure. 


The final sign of the zodiac, you bring a deep well of self-love and compassion to all your sexual experiences, Pisces. You’re also a water sign! Look for toys that allow you to play in this environment, with the emotional depth Pisceans are known for. 

Look for: a waterproof toy to pleasure yourself (or a partner) in the shower.

Try: Le Wand Grand Bullet Vibrator. Sleek and waterproof (naturally), but with fun, textured attachments that allow you to experiment. Apply it to your inner thighs or genitals, or tease your partner while you make out under the shower stream. 

Just like astrology, toys are here to help us better understand ourselves. Try one of these toys during your next sex sesh, and see if your zodiac qualities shine all the brighter.

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