The Top 5 Hottest Podcasts of 2016

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hottestpodcastsLooking back, 2016 was a year of big changes for the Sex with Emily podcast. We kicked things off by moving into our own studio, added the Ask Emily voicemail line, and even started taking your live calls! The one thing that has NOT changed, however, is my commitment to bringing you the best sex talk you’ve ever had. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening half as much as I’ve enjoyed recording each episode. 

I feel like I had a chance to connect with more of you this year than ever before. From all of your amazing emails to kind words exchanged at live events, your feedback and support is really what keeps me going. So when the time came to look back at some of your most-loved Sex With Emily episodes of the year, I was delighted to find the great minds think alike!

So, without further ado, here are the Top Five hottest podcasts of 2016 according to YOU, my lovely listeners… Thanks for another amazing year!

Number 5.


On this show from May, I addressed questions ranging from oral sex uncertainty to mismatched libidos.  But first, Menace and I discussed a study suggesting that those engaging in illicit sexual affairs make more noise in bed— so much for keeping it “hush hush.” And speaking of cheating, I helped one listener address his urges to step outside of his marriage. I also offered guidance to a couple with desperately disparate sex drives and a woman who wished her boyfriend would last just a little longer in bed.

If you’re struggling with the state of your relationship, your sexual stamina or the realities of monogamy, this show has advice to point you in the right romantic direction and restart your erotic engine.

Number 4.


On this super fun show, I welcomed the three lovely ladies from the LadyGang podcast for an unabashed, no-holds-barred girl talk session. Together, the girls dished on their favorite things to do in the bedroom and shared their advice on how to get everything you want from your partner, no matter what relationship stage you happen to be in.

The four of us ladies (and Menace) got down and dirty, divulging our sentiments on approaching anal, getting busy in the shower and the most underrated type of kissing. Each of the ladies also answered my 5 top sex questions—topics included turn ons & offs, crazy places to do it and what words make them hot. Then Menace and I tackled your emails, answering questions about the return of the ex, freaky fetishes and how to stand out in a sea full of single guys.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a woman squirm in bed, or if you’re just looking to commiserate with a fellow lady, check out this show from April.  

Number 3.


porn factsBack in March, Anderson and I were joined by Sex with Emily V.P., Ken, to help solve some of your most salient sexual setbacks.

The three of us tackled a range of email topics from erectile dysfunction to position problems to long distance lovin’ and beyond. Plus, I offered my list of sex toy recommendations for newbies and tips on how to keep your masturbation routine off your roommates’ radar. We also unveiled some suspect statistics about pornography and what watching it may or may not reveal about you and your relationship.

Whether you’re looking for new moves to keep your partner hard or you’re dedicated to perfecting the art of doggy-style, this episode is mandatory listening.

Number 2. 


On this show, I welcomed my beloved and trusty team to talk sex toys, Tinder and what it’s really like to work in the Sex With Emily office.

In between talk of foot fetishes and fantasies, Madison, Jamie and Eddie revealed the skinny on their roles at Sex with Emily, how their parents feel about their risque jobs, and most importantly, what they’ve learned about themselves – and sex. The team also reviews some of the most exciting new sex products on the market today.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with me, this show has the inside scoop you’ve been waiting for. Grab your doggy-style straps and prostate massagers because you’re in for a wild ride!

Number 1.


On this most popular episode of 2016, I was joined by my good friend and colleague Dr. Drew Pinsky. Together, we worked to crack the code of female sexuality and helped listeners navigate complicated concepts around sex, love and true happiness.

Dr. Drew and I really dug into some deep questions.  What kinds of questions should we be asking about our sexuality? How does a woman’s pleasure differ from a man’s? Is there an easy way to quell sexual insecurities? We also answered a wide range of emails regarding everything from toxic relationships to daddy issues to oral sex refusal and beyond.

Female pleasure is an important topic and Dr. Drew and I worked to break it down for you piece by piece. If there’s something holding you back from fully enjoying your sexuality, I recommend you go back and give this show a listen.