What’s Your Sexual Fantasy?

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So you’ve got a sex fantasy…and you’re ready for it to become reality. That’s great! But let me be the first to tell you: this process is part art, part science. The art? That’s your erotic self. Closing your eyes, imagining hot — possibly taboo — scenarios, and taking the time to discover what turns you on. But the science? That’s where we have to get tactical and think with our heads —  as well as our loins.

On today’s Ask Emily show, I take your calls on fantasy and give you practical advice on how to fulfill them. Let’s say your partner has been hinting at a cuckold scenario: how do you go about finding a “third,” and how do you manage expectations for all involved? We get into it. What if you don’t have any fantasies, but you want some? Is there a way to get more creative? Yeahhh there is. Right this way for some sexy self-discovery.

Show Notes: