A+ Oral Sex for Vulvas

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Is there a vulva owner in your life you’d love to treat? By giving them the best oral sex of their life? You’ve come to the right place. Whether or not you’re with someone currently, or simply want to brush up on your oral skills for the future, it’s never a bad time to sharpen your pleasure techniques. After the blow job episode I did earlier this month I promised that you’d get an oral sex show specifically for vulvas – and it’s here.

In today’s episode, I’m talking you through everything you need to know to deliver A+ oral sex, specifically for vulvas. I’m teaching how to tease, how to use your tongue, how to perform the Kivin method, and how to stimulate the famous G-spot. Plus, I take your questions!  What to do if you desperately want oral but your partner isn’t too keen on giving. How to let go of potential insecurities and truly enjoy receiving. What to do when your hygiene concerns are getting in the way of pleasure, How to reduce discomfort while giving. Plus, how to give your partner pointers on what you like and tips for a squirting experience.

Show Notes: