Best of: Sex Tips I Wish I Knew In My 20s

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Sexual wisdom (like all wisdom) is self-awareness plus lived experience. But I hear from people in their 20s all the time who are shockingly self-aware – they just haven’t stacked enough life experience to know how to navigate sex as it applies to them. So maybe that’s you, or maybe you’re not in your 20s…but feel like you missed out on some sexual basics. If that’s you, gather ‘round, because this best-of episode is devoted to all the killer advice I wish I’d been given in my 20s. 

Whether it’s figuring out what your turn-ons are, what to do when a partner constantly cheats, or how to try anal (one word: lube), I’m answering all of your ground zero sex questions today. We get into all of that, plus how to approach your first threesome, how to seek out couple’s therapy (yes: you can do it in your 20s!), and how to communicate your deepest desires in the bedroom.

Show Notes: