Do You Have a Praise Kink?

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What feeling are you chasing in bed? No, I’m not talking about orgasm. I’m talking about an emotion, like feeling worshiped, praised, or unbelievably desirable. On the other hand, maybe it arouses you to feel degraded, objectified – even humiliated. On today’s show, I’m unpacking a kink that’s getting a ton of attention lately on social media: praise kink. It falls under the larger umbrella of core erotic desires, which we all have. I show you how to identify your core erotic desires and how to turn them into realities. I also get into your kinky questions, including: when you adore your fiancée, but fantasize about sex with your much kinkier ex, what now? And when your partner constantly gets hit on my other men, is it healthy to get turned on by it? All this and more in today’s episode.

Show Notes: