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It’s the holy grail of sexual connection — a quality oral sesh. Or…is it? On this best of mashup episode, I’m sharing some top shelf advice on how to up your oral game: both giving, and receiving.
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Sometimes, hot oral comes down to technique, like the Kivin Method: we talk about why this is so delicious for vulva owners, and how you can execute it. But other times, good oral is more about lip service – no, not that kind, the communication kind. How do you ask for more oral from a partner who’s hesitant? How do you ask for LESS from a partner who’s a little too enthusiastic? And man oh man, what about when you desperately want to give – but your partner has some blocks around it? We get into all of it, alongside my guest Sadie Allison: sexologist, relationship expert and author, who has some A+ hacks to make your next oral sesh super sexy.

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