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IMG_6319Today’s show teaches you how to feel better about yourself, paving the way to stronger self-confidence and a better sex life.

Emily is joined by Elle Chase, a sex educator and leader in the body-positive movement. From her award-winning Tumblr to her popular sex class “Big Beautiful Sex”, Elle is all about helping men and women feel sexy at any size. Together, she and Emily explore the topics of body image, erotica and the importance of self-love, and provide tips you need to get the sex life you’ve always dreamed of.

From sex on the hood of a car to baring it all at a swingers’ day spa, Elle describes her journey to sexual awakening and shares some of the most erotic and empowering moments of her life. It’s never too late to start exploring your fantasies, or to begin a love affair with yourself! Emily and Elle sing the praises of mutual masturbation, and explain why the first step to amazing sex is learning how to give it to yourself.

From the best sex toys on the market to the hottest porn to share with a partner, Emily and Elle share multiple ways to ignite your passions. You should never settle for a mediocre sex life – This Podcast teaches how to push your boundaries and embrace your inherent sexiness.


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