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To lots of folks, “foreplay” is shorthand for…hand stuff. But foreplay – or outercourse, as I call it – is actually way more about emotional intelligence, than anything having to do with your fingers. On today’s show, I dive into the psychology of foreplay and intimacy, a fascinating study on the difference between a good’ and ‘bad’ sex life, and how to get aroused with specific (and quite sexy) pre-game tips.

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We also talk about what to do if foreplay and overall sex with your partner has gotten a bit stale, how to tease and arouse yourself, what to do if your partner isn’t so keen on exploring new things, and how to handle a partner who won’t reciprocate foreplay…after you give them all sorts of pre-game love. Plus, I answer your questions! I share what to do if you find yourself fantasizing about a past crush (while in a committed relationship), and give tips for how to have an orgasm… for the first time.

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