Is Social Media Blocking Your Sex Life?

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Social media is becoming the “third” partner in so many of our relationships, but it’s not the threesome most of us are craving. Sure, it’s a great way to connect, but it can take a major toll on our sex lives.

Today’s episode gets into the good, bad, and questionable impacts of social media. I answer your top questions like, what does it mean if my partner follows a bunch of Instagram models? If my partner is paying for Only Fans, does it count as cheating? And is it okay to check my partner’s phone? (We surveyed our listeners and you might be surprised how many of you have snooped.)

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Also, how does all the endless scrolling affect your confidence? I offer advice on how to manage the relationship with your phone, so you can stop the “compare and despair” mindset and build stronger relationships with yourself and others.

A special thanks to our interns, Maria and Erica, who helped produce this episode.