Masturbation Pro Tips (Part 1)

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Did you know that masturbation helps you sleep better? Tones your pelvic floor? And – surprise – boosts your immunity? But let’s be honest: these aren’t exactly the main reasons people masturbate. You masturbate because it’s pleasurable, but as the OG form of self-care, masturbation delivers all kinds of benefits, physically and psychologically. 

That’s why today’s show kicks off a two-part masturbation series, and later in the month, we’ll look at how masturbation benefits a partnership. On today’s episode however, it’s all about YOU: common masturbation fantasies, how to mix up a stale masturbation routine, how to make your solo sex more erotic, and how to practice mindful masturbation. Plus, I take your questions! Can a vibrator desensitize your clitoris? All this and more on Part 1 of our Masturbation Pro Tips Series. 

Show Notes: