Your Guide to Mutual Masturbation

black and white hands connecting in mutual masturbation

Let’s talk about mutual masturbation. It’s one of the hottest things you can do with a sexual partner (trust us), but it’s also totally underrated. Perhaps that’s because so many people put the emphasis on penetration, or equate p-in-v to being the only type of sex.

We’re here to dismantle that myth ASAP.  Mutual masturbation is awesome, with benefits ranging from learning what your partner likes to an increased chance of orgasm. It’s one of those “everybody wins” situations, and can be an incredibly erotic way to add something new to date night.

WHAT is mutual masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is when you and your partner are masturbating alongside each other. You are both touching yourselves, letting each other see how you like to receive pleasure.

WHY is it so fun?

Watching your partner experience pleasure can be an enticing way to exercise your inner voyeur while learning what they like. The opposite is also true; your partner seeing your pleasure can enhance their sexual experience and bring you closer together.

HOW do we get started?

Have a casual conversation with your partner before embarking upon a sexy masturbation sesh. Let them know you have a fun idea for something new you can try in the bedroom. You might say, “It would be really hot for us to masturbate together. I’d love to see how you touch yourself.”  

For the total lowdown on mutual masturbation, be sure to check out our guide. Study up and review it on your own, or share with your lover to start brainstorming some hot new fantasies.


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It might be a little intimidating at first, but just remember that self-pleasure can be a huge turn-on for both of you. Try not to stress about what your partner is doing and focus on your own body and pleasure—and encourage them to do the same! With a little practice, mutual masturbation might become you and your lover’s new favorite go-to activity.

And of course, I’m always here to help answer your questions. If you find you need some guidance on your sexual journey, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime: