Best Of: How to Squirt & Find Your G-Spot w/ Deborah Sundahl

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Good news: every vulva owner can learn how to squirt. But it does take practice, and on today’s Best Of show, I’ve got sex educator, author, and female ejaculation expert Deborah Sundahl here to walk us through it. First, Deborah clarifies the connection between squirting and the G-spot, and just in case you have any doubts about the G-spot’s existence, Deborah tells you how to find yours in the mirror. Next, we clarify what female ejaculate is – hint, not pee – and how this fluid builds up in your body. We also talk about the difference between squirting and orgasm, and finally, we take your top questions on how to squirt with a partner. Yes: there are step-by-step tips! Because, as I always say, the wetter, the better.

Show Notes: