7 New Ways to Use a Magic Wand

Magic Wand Vibtrator Leaning on Pink Block

I know you know the Magic Wand (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand). But what you might not know is that before I started Sex With Emily, I had a big thing for this magical vibe. So much so that I actually paid someone to drill holes in my nightstand so the wand’s cord could stay plugged in and ready to go. A pretty genius solution, if I do say so myself.

And I’m not alone. It wasn’t just my go-to, it was THE go-to. Millions of people revere the Magic Wand not just as their favorite vibrator, but as a cultural icon. Its relevance is stronger than it’s ever been. In 2022 alone, more than a dozen major publications named a Magic Wand as best vibrator of the year.

What You (Probably) Know

If you’ve never used a Magic Wand, one look will likely give you an idea that it’s no joke. Three of the four models are over a foot long with a head the size of a baseball – two of them need to be plugged in to run. So, yeah, they’re powerful – but in a kind of magical way. While a lot of vibrators have a more “buzzy” feel (which can be awesome, btw), Magic Wand’s vibrations are deep and rumbly. This completely changes the sensation, the quality, and the intensity of the orgasms they can deliver. 

What You (Probably) Don’t Know

Magic Wands are amazing for clitoral stimulation, but don’t let that singular feature limit your pleasure potential. I’ve compiled seven more ways to use your Magic Wand for erotic experimentation.

#1: Keep Your Pants On

This just in… you can totally climax without unzipping your jeans. All that power makes it easy to enjoy Magic Wand’s vibrations right through your clothes which can be a game changer for two different reasons.

First, if you’re worried your body may be too sensitive, a fabric buffer can easily tame the Magic Wand’s vibrations. Believe me, there’s still plenty of rumble to get you there. Second, the added touch of the fabric actually creates a whole new range of sensations, even if you love the feeling of the wand’s direct contact. So, next time you have a few minutes, sneak in a quicky…without undressing.

#2: The Slow Build

What if I told you your next orgasm can start at your knee? The Magic Wand is so powerful you can start with vibrations on your thigh – but you’ll feel the vibes all the way up to there. Explore different areas by moving the wand slowly inward letting the sensations build. If you take your time to be mindful about what you’re feeling, you can climax without any direct contact.

#3: Blended Orgasms for Vulva Owners

You may THINK you need internal stimulation to enjoy a blended orgasm – but there’s another way. While the Magic Wand is a clitoral stimulator, its deep, penetrating vibrations are EASILY powerful enough to stimulate the clitoris’s internal structure – aka, the G-spot. Once you’ve built up enough sensation, place the wand on or near the head of your clitoris. Then, apply a little added pressure, and let the magical rumble stimulate you inside and out. 

#4: Indirect* Prostate Massage

For my prostate-owners (aka the P-Spot), the Magic Wand is about to become your new favorite tool to elevate your orgasm for solo or partnered sex. Place the head of the Magic Wand against your perineum and play with pressure/speed until you feel your internal nerve endings tingle. Keep it going through climax, then send all thank you gifts to my PO Box. FYI: receiving oral on your penis while the Magic Wand does its thing is, by all accounts, other-worldly.

*Note: the keyword here is indirect. Do not try to insert the Magic Wand anywhere. 

#5: Doggy? Definitely.

P/V penetration in doggy style is a fan favorite, but it’s not always the best for clitoral stimulation. Enter the Magic Wand, and its conveniently long handle. If you’re the one in downward dog, take your Magic Wand and reach it back into place. You’ll find it’s long enough that you can pull this off without losing your balance or holding a one-handed plank. 

For best results, go slow – then go 5x slower (you know my mantra). Let the sensation of penetration build your arousal, then bring in the Magic Wand to close the deal. 

#6: Date Night Tease

The all-new Magic Wand Mini (my latest obsession) is compact enough to slip in a purse or small bag, but powerful enough to feel like a true Magic Wand. Pack your Mini for your next night out or vacation. No date? No problem. Enjoy “me time” with your toyfriend.

#7: Start Squirting

Did you know the Magic Wand is a longtime favorite and secret weapon among squirters everywhere? My personal favorite for this move is the Magic Wand Original because it’s the only one with the older style head. It’s textured and has a bit of a firmer feel than the other models, and that combo can be exactly what you need to get past the threshold of strong sensation and into squirting territory.

But Wait, There’s More!

Trust me when I tell you that these seven scenarios are hardly the limit for Magic Wand uses. Part of the fun is experimenting with different ways to orgasm. Before you know it, you’ll have discovered a whole new way to play.

I’d love to hear your Magic Wand secrets. Email me at feedback@sexwithemily.com – maybe we’ll use your story on air!