Queefing, Lost Erections & Other Awkward Sex Probs

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Awkward sex: it happens! People lose their erections. Oral sex gets ouchy. Orgasms are MIA. Don’t panic — you’re in the judgment-free zone! I’m here to help you turn these moments into erotic opportunities. First, I give general mindset tips for sex before sharing your funniest awkward sex stories. Orgasmed so hard you farted? I call that a win. Next, I take your awkward sex questions. How do you play off queefing? What do you do when you’re nervous and keep losing your erection? How about getting too wet? If it makes you self-conscious or interferes with pleasure, how do you deal? If you’ve got a small mouth, and your partner has a large penis, where do you go from there? All this and so much more in this awkward sex recovery episode.

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