The Podcast Eps + Articles You Loved in 2022

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Hello there, Sex With Emily community. You’ve been busy!

How do I know? Because these were the podcast episodes and articles you couldn’t get enough of in 2022. From oral secrets to sex positions, date ideas to sex languages, your interests ran the sexual gamut. 

So ICYMI, this is what you were obsessed with: our top 8 most-listened-to podcast episodes, and top 8 most-read articles. Click on the links below to remember why. 

Top 8 Podcast Episodes of 2022

1. How to Build Sexual Tension

Dropped 2/22/22

Wanna sharpen your seduction skills? In this episode, we learn how to flirt, tease, and create sexy self-restraint. Give it a listen before your next date. 

2. Best Blow Job Ever

Dropped 3/15/22

The name says it all. If you want to please a penis, this one’s for you. I also help you out with a few questions: what to know when pleasuring an uncircumcised penis and what to do if you’re struggling to swallow.

3. A+ Oral Sex for Vulva Owners

Dropped 3/29/22

Because we can’t run around giving blow job tips without giving our vulva owners the exact same love, can we? Listen now for moan-worthy tips and tricks, like the Kivin method and G-spot stimulation. 

4. Masturbation Pro Tips (pt. 1) 

Dropped 5/10/22

Self-pleasure is an art – as well as a science. In this episode, I break down the health benefits of masturbation, teach you mindful masturbation, and give you fresh ideas for hotter, better solo sex. 

5. Orgasms & Oral (No Penetration Required) 

Dropped 7/12/22

There’s so many different types of sex out there. Why limit yourself to just one?  In this episode, I walk you through hot non-penetrative sex ideas: mutual masturbation, sensual massage, toy play, and so on, to help you break out of a conventional script and have sex that’s more tailored to your personality and desires.

6. 3 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence 

Dropped 8/23/22

From body insecurities to vocal inhibitions, we’ve all got something holding us back in bed. In this episode, I give you three rituals to bust through your pain points, and pump up your sexual self-confidence. 

7. Your Sex Language w/ Jen Freed 

Dropped 9/13/22

Are you fire in bed? Or water, earth, or air? In this episode, psychologist / astrologer Jen Freed helps you identify your sex language, so you can understand exactly what you need to feel satisfied. 

8. Your Top Sex Fantasies, Revealed 

Dropped 10/28/22

This is the show you helped me write, because you all told me your top sex fantasies – including the ones you’ve never shared out loud before. On this episode, I reveal what those fantasies are, and what they say about your eroticism.

Top 8 Articles of 2022

1. 5 Sexy Date Ideas to Kick Off the New Year

Boring dates? Not you. These five (cold weather-friendly) date ideas create a sexy vibe, and the best part is, they range from splurge-worthy to absolutely free. 

2. How to Master Lotus Position

The Tantric sex position where both people sit facing each other, allowing for soul gazing, generous clitoral stimulation, and deep penetration. Just read this article first – I’ve got tips in here to make it even more comfortable, for even more orgasms.

3. 15 Types of Sexuality and Attraction To Help You Understand Your Desire Style

Pansexual? Sapiosexual? What’s it all mean? In this article, I give you a glossary of newer sexuality terms, so you can better understand who you’re attracted to and why. 

4. Sexiest Gift Guide Ever: Emily’s Picks for 2022 Holidays

You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the holidays. Here’s my most well-curated gift guide yet, packed with evergreen gift ideas that are thoughtful and pleasure-positive.

5. How to Have Sex When You’re In a Full House

…we’ve all been there. In this article, I give you hacks for having sex when you’re staying with / hosting company. When you don’t have the comfort of solitude (but are horny anyway), here’s how to pull it off.

6. Assume the (Sex) Positions

The top three most popular sex positions, how to master them, and how to tweak them for double the enjoyment: missionary, reverse cowgirl/cowboy, and doggy style. 

7. Ask Emily: Tips For French Kissing

Do you want to become a good kisser? Like…a really good kisser? This article teaches you how to be unforgettable, in nine specific steps. 

8. Missionary Sex Position – New and Improved

It’s a classic for a reason, but if missionary has started to feel rote or boring, this article has your name on it. I give you several easy (but powerful) variations to elevate your missionary experience. 

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