Sex With Emily’s Hottest Blogs of 2020

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Congratulations! You made it to the end of 2020 AND survived it. Before we turn the page on this year, we wanted to share with you the best sex blogs that you, fellow lovers, loved the most during this crazy time. Let’s be real, being at home for more than usual probably had you reevaluating your sex life. You were probably inspired to take another look at how you prioritize your pleasure or even your partner’s pleasure, at how you communicate your needs, or how to take the anxiety out of sex. Whatever the case, we’re glad to share the articles that you loved the most to keep encouraging you to prioritize your pleasure and sex life. We present to you: the best sex blogs of 2020!

Best Sex Blogs of 2020:

Ask Emily: Is it normal (or safe) to eat your own ejaculate?

We got so many amazing questions from you this year, and this is by far the top one from our lovely penis owners. Whether you’re flying solo or with a co-pilot, having the urge to eat your ejaculate is by far one of the most common. Beyond the widespread impulse, we cover if it’s safe and where this urge may come (cum?) from.

Mind Blowing Oral in Under 5 Minutes? The Kivin Method.

Let’s be real: three minutes of oral is not enough to even get a vulva owner started. Whether you’re looking to change up your oral game or get a headstart to learn how to give head, the Kivin Method is probably perfect for you. Bottom line: this technique will give vulva owners an orgasm within 5-10 minutes. Need I say more?

Yes, No, Maybe? The List Every Relationship Needs

Whether you’re in a sexual dry spell or having the best sex of your life, it’s never a bad idea to discuss with your partner the things that make (or could make) you tick. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, here’s our best and most popular suggestion: the Yes, No, Maybe List. Grab a bottle of wine, take a seat on the couch, and take this quiz with your partner to see where you both stand on these sexual experiences. By indicating the things you like, don’t like, or could consider trying, your relationship is sure to benefit from this list.

Intro to Consensual Non-Consent

Many of us are afraid to explore fantasies that seem taboo or even triggering, but rest assured this fantasy is common and can be practiced safely. It’s also a heavily stigmatized topic, making the discussion of said issues one of our best sex blogs of 2020. Trigger warning: this article discusses rape/forced sex fantasies, which should be practiced by consenting adults.

The Truth About DDLG As Told by a Little

As a subcategory of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism), the DDLG dynamic is not as uncommon as it seems. In a Daddy Dom/Little Girl situation, the DD asserts a dominant role whereas the LG is submissive. Read on to see how you can add this play into your sex life.

5 Problematic Sex Positions & How to Make Them Work!

When it comes to sex, positions aren’t really a one-fits-all. All bodies are different, so some sex positions won’t necessarily work for everyone. To help out, we gathered some tips on how to make the most out of these common (and tricky!) positions.

Blow Job Tricks to Try Tonight!

If you’re looking to please a penis-owner tonight, look no further. We cover the best oral tips that anyone can master. Trust us, it doesn’t have to feel like work to give a good blow job.

Choking Etiquette 101

With getting more comfortable being at home, I think 2020 was the year for people to get kinkier. You don’t have to go zero-to-kinky AF, but maybe you want to try some choking during sex. Before you do, though, let’s get into some choking etiquette. Trigger and overall warning: NEVER choke without your partner’s consent.

3 Ways to Have a MMF Threesome

For some reason, FFM threesomes (in which two females join one male) are more popular than MMF ones. This year, though, more of you were interested in how to have a male/male/female threesome. Desiring this dynamic is pretty common and no, it doesn’t necessarily define your sexuality–it probably deepens your pleasure, or is a one-time thing you crave. Read on to find out how to make positions work and how to give attention to all parties involved.

The Top 4 Best Toys for Sex Toy Virgins

And, finally, a lot of you reached the gates to the sex toy realm for the first time–welcome! At Sex With Emily, we rave about how using sex toys brings extra fun and pleasure to our sex lives, whether we’re using them alone or with partners. Finding a toy for the first time is pretty daunting–there are SO many to choose from!–so we’re glad to help you find your perfect match.

Honorable Mentions:

How to Dom Via Text

It’s hard to keep a dominant/submissive dynamic when you have to socially isolate and can’t see each other as often. To keep the fire burning from afar, we gave you our tips on how to keep the game going–right at your fingertips! Texting is a great way to keep your commands direct and even more alluring.

6 Basic Sex Positions Done Right

Nothing about sex should be basic, but these tried-and-true positions are easy to mix up to add some variety to your sex life. Changing up little things will go a long way to better, more pleasurable sex!

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