Squirting, Spandex & Kinks

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Have you ever been into something so strongly, you couldn’t stop fantasizing about it? Maybe it’s getting spanked or tied up, to name a couple common turn-ons. Whatever your turn-on is, does it arouse you so much that you just have to make it a reality? Or are you apprehensive to take your fantasy IRL? On today’s episode, I’m taking your calls on kinks, fetishes, and everything in between. I’ll teach you how to introduce your fantasy to a partner, especially if you’re turned on by something very specific. From spandex to group sex, squirting to infantilization, I’ll help you understand the difference between a kink and a fetish, how to safely explore your options, and how to communicate your desires to a partner. All this and more on today’s turn-on show!

Show Notes:

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